Do-It! Program

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The Mount Sinai SCI outpatient Do-It! Program was developed in 1995 to facilitate community    reintegration of patients with spinal cord injuries.  Individual therapies plus group classes are designed to maximize functional outcomes.  The program serves individuals with SCI from the five boroughs of New York city, Long island and Westchester, and we follow a highly diverse population in terms of socioeconomic, educational and employment backgrounds.  DO-It! is a unique and dynamic program with a holistic and integrated approach to helping people with SCI to move forward in their lives.

Do-It! Program Groups

Mat Class: Patients will learn self stretching techniques, core  stabilization, relaxation techniques, and upper body  strengthening.

Spin Class: Ride hand cycles on trainers to get a high energy, cardiovascular workout.  Get ready to work up a sweat!

Weight Training Program: Strengthen your muscles and learn how to build a safe workout routine at the gym.

Community Luncheon: Socialize and meet new people  with SCI in a relaxed environment over lunch.

Lecture Series: Facilitated by rehabilitation professionals and community advocates. These sessions review and build on SCI  education in both a lecture and interactive format. Learn from Rehab Professionals and community advocates on new advances in the SCI community.

Wheelchair Mobility: Push! Learn how to negotiate physical obstacles in the community such as ramps, curbs, and steps.

Prone Mat Class: Spend some time lying on your stomach to strengthen posterior shoulder muscles, improve posture and improve mat mobility.

Aerobics: Lift weights in this fast paced class to maximize aerobic capacity, upper strength, core stability, and endurance during a high energy class.

Individual FES Program: Ride the FES bike for your arms and legs after evaluations by PT or OT.

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If you are interested in Learning more about this program, please contact  Laurie Allen-Schneider, PT, DPT, MSEd, CLT at (212) 824-7612