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Initiative for Women with Disabilities

NYU Langone’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities provides primary gynecological care provide workshops, classes, and wellness services that promote overall physical and mental wellbeing

The Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

CROWD promotes, develops, and disseminates information to improve the health and expand the life choices of women with disabilities. The site provides information on sexuality, reproductive health, self-esteem, stress management, and more

Disability and Health Information for Women with Disabilities

Centers for disease control and Prevention website that has tools and health information for women with disabilities

Reproductive Health for Women with Spinal Cord Injury

Video lectures from University of Alabama on reproductive health for women, such as breast examination, mammograms and pap smears, managing issues of pregnancy and labor and delivery such as medications.

Pregnancy and Spinal Cord Injury

This booklet provides women with spinal cord injury the information they need to make informed decisions when planning a pregnancy. It outlines key things to consider during the perinatal period (preconception, conception, pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum) and where to go to get additional information, help and services. 

National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

The National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities conducts research and provides training and technical assistance to improve the lives of parents with disabilities and their families.

Disabled Parenting

The Disabled Parenting Project (DPP), which is part of the National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities, is an online space for sharing experiences, advice, and conversations among disabled parents as well as those considering parenthood.

SCI Parenting

A website based in Sweden discussing all aspects of the perinatal journey for women with SCI.

Through Looking Glass

A resource on childbirth and parenting, adaptive equipment for childcare, networking and support.


An Internet magazine for women with disabilities. The site, supported in part by the Reeve Foundation, features articles, resources and a place to share experiences and solutions.

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