Measurement of Autonomic Cardiovascular Integrity in Persons with SCI

Researchers at the Bronx VA and Mount Sinai Hospital are investigating the degree of autonomic nervous system (ANS) impairment due to your spinal cord injury (SCI). The ANS is the part of the nervous system that controls many bodily functions that you don’t think about, such as your heart rate, breathing rate, sweating, and blood pressure. We will test your ANS function and assess ANS integrity by measuring your body’s responses to a number of simple tests. By participating in this study you will be helping us determine the validity of these easy to perform tests and determine the same day and day-to-day reliability of these tests in individuals with SCI with varying levels and completeness of injury.

In order to be eligible to participate you must be between the ages 18-89 years old and have had an SCI for more than a year (> 1 year). The actual study will span two weeks and consist of a total of 2 visits, each 2 hours long at Mount Sinai. Each visit will be compensated with $50 for a total of $100 once participation is complete.

Miguel X Escalon, MD is the principal investigator of this project.

For more information please contact: Meghana Noonavath at / (212) 241-3203 or Daniel Vaccaro at / (347) 391-7487.