Fun in the Lab

Fun in the Lab

Fun in the Lab


After 22 months of exile, we are finally going home! 🤣

Happy birthday Aaron!


First step of independence of the biorepository, she fixed some samples!

Got caught in action 😂

Great job Martha being a host today at the 2023 IRM/CDRB retreat!

Failed lab BBQ due to the weather. I guess an indoor hot pot plus oven BBQ worked as well!

Me: Why is the penguin in the fridge?

Lab: it’s in its natural habitat.

They told me this looked like me with my headphones on in the lab. Also told me to put my headphones on to write more grants so the lab can stay funded and fun.

Farewell to Viktoriia – best luck on the new journey as a PhD student at NYU! We will miss you!

Such a pleasure to receive this as a gift!! Go New Hampshire!!

Yes. I brought my nespresso to the GRC. 🙈 #GRCLung2023

Representative of Mount Sinai junior faculty and soon-to-be Sinai junior faculty (🤞) at #GRClung2023

Someone got me a new goodie!!

Congrats Aaron! Officially a Ph.D. candidate!

Happy belated birthday to Martha!

Big congrats to Martha won the best research presentation this year! 🎉

Happy 4th of July!

Our new toy has arrived!

Thank you for all the speakers who gave a talk at The Use of Stem Cells for Disease Modeling at this morning’s concurrent session! You guys are amazing!

Min-Chi got a pseudo-poster award from a company 😂. Congrats! 👏🎉

The team has arrived at 2023 ISSCR. Say hi if you bump into them!

Happy Birthday to Alex! 

Happy Pride! 🌈 We are hosting the LGBTQ+ Stem Cell Networking Meet-Up at this year’s ISSCR annual meeting. Please join us from 1:15 to 2 p.m. on Friday, June 16th. Hope to see everyone there!

Visit the ISSCR Member Spotlight here 👉

Our research on the 2023 Otolaryngology Speciality Report!

Martha gave her first scientific symposium talk! Great job! 🥳

Happy Pride Month! 🌈

(Alright! Just wanted to be clear. It’s a lobe of a lung, not Kirby!)

Now I have all the school stickers!!

Look who is in town!

Woo-hoo! Our first shot at hosting the BFSCI happy hour was a hit! We added a little twist with an exotic Taiwanese theme and hope everyone had a fantastic time! Can’t wait to do it again!

Excited and grateful to have been named a Isidore Friesner Scholar! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to advance our ideas. I am honored to receive this support and can’t wait to see where this takes us!

Nice cake when I have stomachache 😂. Happy birthday to Wanzhen!


Happy holidays to all!

Lab holiday party preparation.

#Lab Art: NYC Skyline.
@PC: Martha

New toy in the lab!

We all wanted to be her at the BFSCI/CDRB retreat.

My new baby finally got set up!!! 10 months of waiting!

The winter is coming. It’s time to stock up the lab!

Welcome our new blood!

I am Groot!

Congrats to Martha! ❤️❤️❤️ So glad for you! Thank you for packing Juan with you and moving across the country with me! (Fine… I know I am officially the only one single in the lab)

The new look of the PI’s planner 😂

Happy birthday to the youngest in the lab! (Thanks to Aaron who got a cake with cinnamon, which I don’t eat, and dairy, which the birthday girl has lactose intolerance ) 😂

Farewell to my first postdoc, Lu, who helped me through the pandemic and relocation back to NYC. Sad to see you leave 🥲 but family is the most important! We will for sure miss you. ❤️

Aaron’s lung-shape baby lung organoids

The lab baby Leica THUNDER imaging system got installed!

Finally had our first meeting!


Happy Valentine’s Day.
PC: Alex @tinysnekcomics

Our first lab picnic in Central Park

Finally we started our first stem cell culture at Mount Sinai!

We are excited and ready to roll! The Chen lab is officially relocated to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.


Last lab get together in LA before the new adventure!

Last lab get together in LA before the new adventure!

Very exciting and eye-opening event! Hope we would be able to send lung organoids to space soon!

Field trip to check out our new home-Mount Sinai!