Additional Research

Immunobiology Group

The Immunobiology Group at the Center for Chinese Herbal Therapies focuses on research and development of current (ASHMI and FAHF-2) and new TCM formulations for allergic disorders. Mechanistic approaches are used to uncover the immunological basis for TCM’s mode of action. Techniques to be employed range from cell based assays to in-vivo bioassays to ex-vivo studies. Other interests of the group include validation of proposed mechanisms in clinical trials, overlap of immunological mechanisms to other disease states, and basic mechanisms of allergic disease.

Kamal Srivastava, Ph.D.
Ying Song, M.D.



Botanical Chemistry Group

The Botanical Chemistry group at the Center for Chinese Herbal Therapies strives to characterize the chemical constituents and mechanistic properties of current TCM formulas, ASHMI, and FAHF-2. Targeted fractionation, preparative HPLC separation, and Mass Spectroscopy techniques facilitate these efforts. In addition, the group is involved in the chemical and mechanistic characterization of more than 2,000 Chinese herbs for the development of new TCM formulas that may prove beneficial for the treatment of various other disease states. Other interests within the group also include metabolomics studies to ascertain a pharmacokinetic profile for the TCM formulas, as well as experiments and research projects designed to confirm the synergistic benefits of herbal or combination drug formulas for improved holistic efficacies and toxicity profiles.

Nan Yang, Ph.D.

Changda Liu, Ph.D.