2019 ORL Seminar

Fall 2019 ORL Seminar Series – Guest Speakers

October 9: “Customized biodegradable scaffolds for medical applications” – Jennifer Weiser, PhD, MS (The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science)

December 4: “ADAMs and Angiogenesis” – Carl Blobel, MD, PhD (Hospital for Special Surgery)

Spring 2019 ORL Seminar Series – Guest Speakers

January 16: “The biological and biophysical regulators of musculoskelatal growth and adaptation” – Megan Killian, PhD (University of Delaware)

January 23: “Cellular and matrix regulation of spine development, disease and therapeutic approaches” – Sun Peck, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)

January 30: “Exploring therapeutics for inflammation-related tendon patholody using in vitro explant models” – Brianne Connizzo, PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

February 13: “Targeting collagen strands by triple-helical hyberdization: from histopathy to biomechanics and theranostics” – Yang Li, PhD (University of Utah)

March 6: “Using existing databases to address study questions in orthopedic research” – Jashvant Poeran, MD, PhD (Mount Sinai Health System)

March 27: “Niche regulation of skeletal muscle stem cells”- Rob Krauss, PhD (Mount Sinai Health System)


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