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Lab relocation

We are moving to our new space at Tri-I in NYC. We are grateful for all the supports, friendships, and collaborations that we have had at Sinai during the past three years. We are happy to stay close by to continue our close interactions, while making more connections with the broader research communities in NYC and beyond.

Welcome Ava!

Our Ab3D team is growing bigger for the upcoming challenge of 500 neural markers. Welcome Ava!

Welcome Vrinda!

Vrinda has arrived from India to join us for the human brain mapping project. Welcome Vrinda!

Welcome Shang!

Shang is joining our team today to build up our analysis pipeline for the large 3D whole brain imaging datasets. Welcome Shang!

Lab Dinner Party

We have a lab dinner at Elio’s for Jiacheng’s farewell party. Congrats Jiacheng for getting your dream job in IT, and good luck with everything at SF!

We are also celebrating for Ansa’s arrival. She will be joining the team Ab3D to help unravel how brains are built with diverse molecular components in 3D.


Lab Dim-Sum party

We had a Dim Sum party at East Village. Great trip with almost perfect weather in NYC. Olav and Lauren are about to finish their summer interns here. Hopefully things will continue to get more open up for them to come back in the future.20210724 lab Dim-Sum

Welcome Kasey!

Kasey is officially starting at Sinai today after a smooth transition to NYC. Welcome Kasey!

LSFM update

We have our lightsheet microscope setup in place. Jiacheng is extending from Yanyan’s early work to get the fine alignment and tuning done. It is exciting to get this “big fellow” in the lab! Next is to handle the ever-growing large-data processing challenges to help us appreciate the brain complexity.

Lab hiking

We took a hike at Breakneck Ridge on this nice day. It’s still a bit chilly on the mountain top, but a perfect weather for outdoor activity that we’ve all missed for long. We took this trip to celebrate a few exciting news in the group: Anna will start her MD/PhD training at the University of Rochester after the summer. Congratulations Anna! Also congrats Natalya for getting into the summer programs at Tri-I and NYU! We are also setting up our LSFM finally!

Laboratory of Neural Systems, Structures and Genetics
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