Current Topics in Integrative Approaches to Neuroresilience

Spring 2018

Course Directors: Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti, M.D., Ph.D. (, Dr. Lap Ho, Ph.D. (, and Dr. Ali Sharma, Ph.D.

This course provides an avenue for advanced and systematic exploration of new and promising research topics in integrative molecular neuroscience. Recent evidence suggests dietary polyphenols may help promote neuroresilience to psychological stress. The course focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which specific dietary polyphenols may protect against psychological stress. We also clarify interactions between gastrointestinal microbiome and dietary polyphenols in the promotion of neuroresilience. Collectively, this course explores and discusses the characterization of bioactive dietary polyphenols, with the ultimate goal of using this as a model for the evidence-based clinical development of naturally occurring products.

Topics will include integrative neuroresilience: from natural compounds to functions, depression and anxiety disorders, behavioral and neurochemical consequences of sleep disruption: targets for resilience, Alzheimer’s disease, genomics of the superheroes, meditation and mindfulness, microbiome/gnotobiotic mice, among others.

This 1 credit course is open to all Mount Sinai graduate students, staff, faculty, and postdoctoral fellows.

For more information or to register in the fall, please contact Ms. Risham Singh at 212-241-1952 or