Lab News

March 2024

The McAlpine and Goedeke labs go skating together in Bryant Park! Only one or two spills.


May 2023

The IL-3 in MS paper is published! 🎉 Congratulations to Máté, John, and Abi who led this project!

You can read the paper here:

Also, our R01 to study adaptive-innate immune interactions in Alzheimer’s disease is funded! 🥳


December 2022

The McAlpine lab had some holiday fun skating in Central park and going out for lunch!


September 2022

Our paper on how sleep exerts lasting effects on HSC function and diversity was published in J. Ex. Med! This was a big team effort!

Sleep exerts lasting effects on hematopoietic stem cell function and diversityMcAlpine C, Kiss M, Zuraikat F, Cheek D, Schiroli G, Amatullah H, Huynh P, Bhatti M, Wong LP, Yates A, Poller W, Mindur J, Chan C, Janssen H, Downey J, Singh S, Sadreyev R, Nahrendorf M, Jeffrey K, Scadden D, Naxerova K, St-Onge MP, Swirski FK Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2022, 219(11)1-16

July 2022

The McAlpine lab summer BBQ was a flamin’ success!

📷 credit to Pacific



Su joins the lab! As lab manager, she keeps us all on track and organized! Welcome, Su! 😊

March 2022

Abi joins the lab! Welcome, Abi!


October 2021

Agus joins the lab!



September 2021

Dr. Pacific Huynh joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Pacific!

July 2021

The IL-3 and Alzheimer’s disease paper is published in Nature!

The McAlpine lab’s first R01 gets funded! 🥳

June 2021

The McAlpine lab opens!