The Krammer Laboratory

wf_fluvirus_all_usCross-reactive antibody responses towards viral surface glycoproteins: Translating basic research into novel vaccines and therapeutics

The Krammer laboratory studies cross-reactive antibody responses to the surface glycoproteins of antigenically variable RNA viruses. Our main focus is on influenza viruses, but we are also interested in antibody responses to hantaviruses, filoviruses, and other emerging RNA viruses. Work done in the laboratory includes the expression and characterization of viral glycoproteins, generation of glycoprotein-directed monoclonal antibodies, and the characterization of the interaction between antibodies and surface glycoproteins; we are specifically interested in analyzing conserved epitopes and – through detailed studies – aim to elucidate the mechanisms by which these antibodies protect the host from viral infection and disease. The final goal is to translate these findings into novel vaccines and therapeutics.


Interested in joining the Krammer Lab?

We’re currently looking for talented post-docs, technicians and a junior data manager. If interested, please e-mail your CV to