Our work focuses on human NK cells and T cells and their functional roles in cancer, microbial infections, transplantation, and in autoimmunity. Our analyses are designed to identify specific subsets of NK cells and T cells with enhanced immunotherapeutic potential as well as to identify pathways regulating NK cell and T cell function that can be perturbed for therapeutic benefit. To achieve this goal, our lab uses mass cytometry (CyTOFTM), imaging mass cytometry, single cell RNA sequencing, and Olink ProteomicsTM along with genomic data to study NK cells and T cells with ultra-resolution.

Currently, the lab has studies focused on bladder cancer, kidney cancer, head and neck cancer, kidney transplantation, and Type 1 diabetes.

Our approach combines:

  1. epidemiologic analyses of HLA and KIR alleles in genomic studies of cancers, immunotherapy, transplantation and Type 1 Diabetes;
  2. Ex-vivo phenotyping and in-vitro mechanistic studies using high-resolution transcriptomic and proteomic analyses (CyTOFTM, imaging mass cytometry, single-cell RNAseq, spatial-sequencing, and Olink proteomicsTM)

We invite you to scroll through our Projects Page for more details on our current studies.