Human studies:

The Heeger Lab conducts Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant human immune monitoring, performing biomarker and mechanistic studies associated with clinical research efforts in transplantation (including NIH supported CTOT studies).  All assays are executed following specific standard operating procedures to ensure reproducibility.  Capabilities include 12-color flow cytometry (BD FACS Lyric), Flow sorting, quantitative RT-PCR, Luminex multiplex analyses,  ELISPOT and ELISPOT analysis, ELISA, as well as storage of research samples.

Translational Human Research:
NIH U01 AI63594  Clinical Trials in transplantation, blocking early inflammation to prolong kidney transplant survival.

NIH U01AI063594 Clinical trials in organ Transplantation Children-Rituximab induction in Pediatric Lung transplant recipients. P Heeger Co investigator and core lab director

NIH U01 AI136816-01 Targeting inflammation and alloimmunity in heart transplant recipients with tocilizumab.  P Heeger Co-I, core lab director


Recent murine studies include:
NIH R01AI132405 cell death pathways and heart transplant rejection

NIH R01 AI141434 Decay accelerating factor and B cell immunity

NIH P01 Mechanisms of kidney induced cardiac allograft tolerance (PI Madsen, MGH).  Project 3 Heeger PI Erythropoietin and kidney transplantation

*Identifying inhibitors of murine and human factor B and testing the role of this factor in ischemic posttransplant injury in mice (supported by NIH grant R21 AI 117695)
*Testing the role of complement proteins and receptors on transplant reactive effector and regulatory T cells in mice (supported by NIH grant R01 AI 071185)