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Translational Transplant Research Center (TTRC)
Director, Peter S. Heeger, MD
To perform and support translational transplant research (from mouse to human) and to train individuals in transplant biology/immunology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.
Individual research labs: P Heeger, P Cravedi, J Leventhal (Annenberg 23)
Microsurgery core facility: 2 full time microsurgeons who perform heart, skin, kidney, islet transplantation in mice, among other related procedures.
Good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant human immune monitoring laboratory for transplant research: The GLP compliant immune monitoring core in the TTRC performs biomarker and mechanistic studies associated with clinical research efforts (including NIH supported CTOT studies) in transplantation.  All assays are performed following specific standard operating procedures to ensure reproducibility.  Capabilities include 8 color flow cytometry (Canto II), Flow sorting, quantitative RT-PCR, Luminex multiplex analyses,  ELISPOT and ELISPOT analysis, ELISA, as well as storage of research samples.
Clinical research coordinator unit: 
Lead coordinator and Supervisor, Brandy Haydel.  The team of coordinators supports all clinical and translational research efforts in the Recanati Miller Transplant Institute.
Postdoctoral Training: T32 
for postdoctoral training in transplantation immunology (P. Heeger, PI)

Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation (CTOT)


Microvascular Surgery Core Facility
The Microvascular Surgery Facility provides microsurgical services in rodents for the Transplantation Institute and other research laboratories within Mount Sinai. The facility has extensive experience in standard microsurgical procedures as well as innovative techniques relevant to many areas of biomedical research.The facility is staffed by two full-time microvascular surgeons who work under the direction of Dr. Peter S. Heeger and Dr. Peter Boros.


Recanati/Miller Transplantation Institute