Lisa Miorin, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor






Research Interests
The prompt and tightly controlled induction of type I interferon (IFN) is a central event of the immune defense against viral infection. Recently, we have shown that several members of the tripartite motif-containing (TRIM) protein family positively regulate the host cell immune response. However, the mechanism of action of most of these factors and the physiological relevance of their activity in vivo still remain poorly investigated. My work in the García-Sastre laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms through which novel TRIM proteins modulate innate immune signaling pathways and viral restriction using in vitro biochemical approaches as well as developing relevant small animal models for in vivo studies.

Notable Publications
L. Miorin, A.M. Maestre, A. Fernandez-Sesma, A. Garcia-Sastre, Antagonism of type I interferon by flaviviruses, Biochem Biophys Res Commun, (2017).

A. García-Sastre, and L. Miorin, Intrinsic cellular defenses (TRIMS) in modulating viral infection and immunity. Encyclopedia of Immunobiology, 1st Edition ed. Ratcliffe M, editor. Waltham, MA: Elsevier; Chapter 14004.

L. Miorin, P. Maiuri, A. Marcello, Visual detection of Flavivirus RNA in living cells, Methods, 98 (2016) 82-90.

R. Rajsbaum, G.A. Versteeg, S. Schmid, A.M. Maestre, A. Belicha-Villanueva, C. Martinez-Romero, J.R. Patel, J. Morrison, G. Pisanelli, L. Miorin, M. Laurent-Rolle, H.M. Moulton, D.A. Stein, A. Fernandez-Sesma, B.R. tenOever, A. Garcia-Sastre, Unanchored K48-linked polyubiquitin synthesized by the E3-ubiquitin ligase TRIM6 stimulates the interferon-IKKepsilon kinase-mediated antiviral response, Immunity, 40 (2014) 880-895.

L. Miorin, I. Romero-Brey, P. Maiuri, S. Hoppe, J. Krijnse-Locker, R. Bartenschlager, A. Marcello, Three-dimensional architecture of tick-borne encephalitis virus replication sites and trafficking of the replicated RNA, J Virol, 87 (2013) 6469-6481.