Kris White, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor







Research Interests
I am interested in understanding and increasing the growth of the influenza B virus component of the influenza vaccine within a proprietary cell line in the generation of a universal influenza vaccine. I have also been working in the “Flu-omics” novel therapeutic target discovery program. In this project we have used a systems biology approach to observe changes in the global host genomic, proteomic and metabolomic response to influenza virus infection. Through models created using these large data sets, we are currently identifying new key cellular proteins and pathways for influenza virus replication, which are potential future targets for therapeutic intervention.

Notable Publications
Kuss-Duerkop S. K., J. Wang, I. Mena, K. White, G. Metreveli, R. Sakthivel, M. A. mata, R. Muñoz-Moreno, X. chen, F. Krammer, M. S. Diamond, Z. J. Chen, A. Garcia-Sastre, and B. M. A. Fontoura. “Influenza Virus Differentially Activates mTORC1 and mTORC2 Signaling to Maximize Late Stage Replication.PLoS Pathogens 13(9): e1006635.

White K., P. De Jesus, Z. Chen, P. Abreu, E. Barile, P. A. Mak, P. Anderson, Q. T. Nguyen, A. Inoue, S. Stertz, R. Koenig, M. Pellecchia, P. Palese, K. Kuhen, A. Garcia-Sastre, S.K. Chanda and M.L. Shaw. “A Potent Anti-influenza Compound Blocks Fusion through Stabilization of the Prefusion Conformation of the Hemagglutinin ProteinACS Infectious Diseases Volume 1, Issue 2 (2015): 98-109.

White K.1, G. Beyleveld1, J. Ayllon, and M.L. Shaw. “New-generation screening assays for the detection of anti-influenza compounds targeting viral and host functions.Antiviral Research 100, Issue 1 (2013): 120-132

Sen, N., M. Sommer, X. Che, K. White, W.T. Ruyechan and A.M. Arvin. “Varicella Zoster Virus Immediate Early Protein 62 Blocks IRF3 Phosphorylation at Key Serine Residues: A Novel Mechanism of IRF3 Inhibition among HerpesvirusesJ Virol 84, no. 18 (2010): 9240-53

White, K., H. Peng, J. Hay, and W. T. Ruyechan. “Role of the IE62 Consensus Binding Site in Transactivation by the Varicella-Zoster Virus IE62 Protein.J Virol 84, no. 8 (2010): 3767-79.