The Friedman Laboratory in the Icahn Medical Institute Building at Mount Sinai is 1700 square feet. This space consists of:

  • an open, modular design with ample natural light
  • one seminar room
  • 1100 square foot general area with 10 working benches, fume hood, and storage
  • three dedicated tissue culture rooms, with culture hoods, incubators, and a perfusion area for primary liver cell isolation
  • shared access on the floor to an autoclave and dishwashing room
  • 4o C and -20o C walk-in cold rooms
  • Vibratome tissue slicer (VT1200S. Leica) to generate precision cut liver slices
  • tissue slice device for precision-cut liver slices
  • Biotek Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer, Biotek Synergy HT microplate reader, and a Milli-Q Academic water purifying system
  • two dedicated –80o C freezers are available to the laboratory
  • two liquid nitrogen tanks for human liver and mRNA storage, with a duplicate liver tissue bank inventory in each tank
  • benchtop inverted microscopes for tissue and cell culture analysis are on-site
  • Zeiss Axio Observer 7 Inverted Brightfield Microscope

Additional key equipment includes:

  • Two dedicated Roche Light Cycler 480 for real time PCR
  • A QiaCube automatic sample prep machine
  • Veritas Luminometer
  • Qiagen Tissue Lyser LT
  • Life Technologies Countess cell counter
  • Millipore Snap I.D. version 2

Each student/postdoc/technician bench is equipped with a full range of micropipetters, and a dedicated microcentrifuge and immunoblot apparatus.