About Us

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We pursue studies related to liver biology and disease:

Molecular Regulation of Hepatic Injury, Fibrosis and Cancer
Our work explores the molecular mechanisms of wound healing and fibrosis in liver. We use a variety of animal and cell culture models to identify key inflammatory mediators and signaling molecules regulating the activation of hepatic stellate cells, the principle fibrogenic cells in liver. Additionally, we test candidate antifibrotic lead compounds to develop potential new therapies for patients with chronic fibrosing liver diseases.

Specific projects include:

    • Links between hepatic autophagy, fibrosis and progenitor cell amplification
    • Bioinformatics assessment of stellate cell biology and identification of novel mediators of activation
    • Pathogenesis of hepatic fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in human disease and animal models
    • Role of hepatic stellate cells in hepatic carcinogenesis
    • Testing of antifibrotic lead compounds in animal models
    • Clinical trials of antifibrotic therapies in patients with chronic liver disease