SSTAR Academy Summer Workshop in Clinical Research

Summer Workshops 2020: TOPIC TBC


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Summer Workshops 2019: Artificial Intelligence


The 2019 SSTAR Academy Summer workshop series focused on Artificial Intelligence as it relates to research at Mount Sinai.

Understanding Machine Intelligence in Medicine: From Regression to Deep Learning presented by Anthony Costa, PhD.

Summer workshops 2018: Communication in Science


The 2018 SSTAR Academy Summer workshop series focused on Communication in Science in a range of contexts. This series of workshops drew on the experience and expertise of communication leaders within Mount Sinai from other organizations. You can watch the video recordings of these sessions below

Communication in Science: What, Why and How? 

Communication in Science: Social Media for Scientists


Communication in Science: Pitching for Career Success

Communication in Science: Talk the Talk: Improving your Presentations using TED Talk Principles

Communication in Science: Empowering Researchers Through Community Engagement


Communication in Science: Enhancing Team Effectiveness