Lab Life

We also have a lot of fun together outside of the laboratory!

Gabriele, David, JK, Esther, Jenni, Rosa and Sandra having fun in the snow in Central Park (left)

Rachel, Mark, JK, David, Nicole, Gabriele, Sandra and Rosa on a sunny day in a fancy garden (Sant Jordi’s day) (right)

2016 Lab Retreat: Adventuring at the Poconos (left)

2019 Lab Retreat: Team bonding (seriously, ask anyone to hold your rope) at an indoor rock climbing (right)

Celebrating JK’s graduation in Central Park, July 2020 (left)

A DDS lab tradition: putting up a mini (mini) Christmas tree every Christmas, Xmas 2020 (right)

Enjoying pizzas and cake to celebrate Nada’s birthday at Central Park (left)

Potluck to celebrate Mark’s graduation (right)