A1. Highlighted publications:

  1. Dominguez-Sola D*, Kung J, Holmes AB, Wells VA, Mo T, Basso K, Dalla-Favera R*. FOXO1 instructs the germinal center dark zone program. Immunity 2015, 43(6):1064-74.
    Journal cover (December 2015) Oftentimes, genes targeted by structural rearrangements or mutations in B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas play essential roles for the normal biology of the B cell of origin. In this article we described a role for FOXO1 – a gene mutated in a fraction of aggressive germinal center-derived B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas –, in the control of germinal center zonal polarity. We provided evidence indicating that FOXO1 regulates a gene program defining the dark zone cell fate, and that this program is essential for normal germinal center homeostasis and function. These findings suggest that altered control of germinal center zonal polarity or of dark zone cell programs, might mechanistically contribute to the pathogenesis of B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas. You can read a commentary article by Jason G. Cyster  here:
  2. Dominguez-Sola D*, Victora GD*, Ying CY, Phan RT, Saito M, Nussenzweig MC, Dalla-Favera R. The proto-oncogene MYC is required for selection in the germinal center and cyclic reentry. Nat Immunol 2012, 13(11): 1083-91.
    Previews by Shaffer & Staudt, Nat immunol 2012; 13(11) & O. Leavy, Nat Rev Immunol, 2012; 12(11), 741.
    In this article we described how MYC plays an essential role in the initiation and normal homeostasis of the germinal center reaction. As discussed in the article, the MYC+ germinal center B cell subset could be closely related to the cell of origin of some lymphomas. See also the commentary by Shaffer and Staudt:
  3. Victora GD*, Dominguez-Sola D*, Holmes AB, Deroubaix S, Dalla-Favera R, Nussenzweig MC. Identification of human germinal center light and dark zone cells and their relationship to human B-cell lymphomas. Blood. 2012; 120(11): 2240 8. Commentary by David Tarlinton in Blood 2012; 120: 2158-9.
  4. Dominguez-Sola D*, Ying CY*, Grandori C, Ruggiero L, Chen B, Li M, Galloway DA, Gu W, Gautier J, Dalla-Favera R. Non-transcriptional control of DNA replication by c-Myc. Nature 2007; 448 (7152): 445-451.
    This article describes a novel role for Myc in the control of DNA replication initiation. This biological activity occurs in absence of transcription, which is remarkable given the prominent role of Myc as a transcription factor. Moreover, deregulation of this activity is linked to the generation of replication stress, which might be important for MYC dependent oncogenesis. See also the commentary by Lefobsky and Walter:

A2. Additional publications:

  1. Ersching J, Efeyan A, Mesin L, Jacobsen JT, Pasqual G, Grabiner BC, Dominguez-Sola D, Sabatini DM, Victora GD. Germinal Center Selection and Affinity Maturation Require Dynamic Regulation of mTORC1 Kinase. Immunity 2017; 46(6): 1045-1058. PMID: 28636954
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  4. Zhang J, Dominguez-Sola D, Hussein S, Lee JE, Holmes AB, Bansal M, Vlasevska S, Mo T, Tang H, Basso K, Ge K, Dalla-Favera R, Pasqualucci L. Disruption of KMT2D perturbs germinal center B cell development and promotes lymphomagenesis. Nat Med 2015; 21(10):1190-8.
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B. Review Articles and Book Chapters

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