Recent work:

  • We discovered how oncogene activation triggers epithelial progenitor differentiation and act as a dominant tumor suppression strategy in stratified epithelia.

1, Ying Z, Sandoval M, Beronja S. Oncogenic activation of PI3K induces progenitor cell differentiation to suppress epidermal growth. Nature Cell Biology. 2018 Nov 20; (11):1256-1266. (Recommended by F1000)

2, Sandoval M, Ying Z, Beronja S. Interplay of opposing fate choices stalls oncogenic growth in murine skin epithelium. Elife. 2021 Jan 4;10:e54618. doi: 10.7554/eLife.54618.

  • We found that every mammary gland is derived from a defined number of ectodermal progenitors that have equal expansion potential. Based on this fundamental insight of clonal dynamics of mammary gland development, we established a gene targeting method that is capable to test up to ~1200 individual genetic conditions in intact mammary glands of one single mouse.

3, Ying Z and Beronja S. Targeting of equipotent mammary progenitors for functional identification of breast cancer drivers. Cell Stem Cell. 2020 Mar 5; 26(3):403-419.e4.


Before 2018:

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