Projects Overview

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Exploiting viral-host variation to probe for HIV-1 Vif-APOBEC3 interfaces
This project aims to characterize the interaction between lentiviral Vif and host APOBEC3G and APOBEC3H proteins.
  • large scale point mutagenesis
  • functional assays, immunoprecipitations, forced evolution experiments
  • computer modelling and molecular docking
Exploring the effects of APOBEC3H variation in patients
This project characterizes the role of A3H activity in disease progression.
  • patient samples from the Amsterdam Cohort
  • functional assays and molecular biology
HIV-1 modulation of innate immunity pathways
This project is focused on how HIV-1 evades immune detection.
  • patient samples
  • primary cell culture
HERV interactions with immune sensing of HIV
In this project we will investigate how endogenous retroviruses could impact HIV infection.
  • molecular biology
  • Pac-Bio sequencing
HTLV counteraction of APOBEC3G
The goal of this project is to identify the molecular mechanism(s) used by HTLV-1 to escape the antiretroviral activity of APOBEC3G.
  • functional assays and molecular biology
  • FACS analysis
Defining novel APOBEC3 variants
In this project, novel A3 polymorphisms will be explored.
  • sequence genomic DNA
  • bioinformatics