Welcome to the Hook Lung Imaging Laboratory

We aim to gain new understanding of lung biology to develop new therapies for lung infection, a major cause of death for people of all ages, around the world.

We use a unique live lung imaging-micropuncture approach to determine how inhaled bacteria and viruses damage lung alveoli, the gas exchange units of the lung, and how pathogen-damaged alveoli repair to restore lung health.  We focus on cellular and molecular mechanisms and place particular emphasis on the role of juxtacrine and paracrine cell-cell communication, particularly that among cells of the alveolar epithelium, between alveolar epithelium and adjacent microvascular endothelium, and between alveolar epithelium and the immune system.

It is our hope that this work will lead to new approaches to therapy that promote resilience and repair of infected lungs, thereby improving lung health and circumventing the threat of worsening bacterial and viral drug resistance.  Read more.