The Guttman Lab at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Our Mission

The Laboratory of Inflammatory Skin Diseases has major focus on atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, alopecia areata, and other inflammatory skin diseases. The lab has made paradigm-shifting discoveries on the immunologic basis of AD/eczema in humans, opening the door to new therapeutics. Our work on atopic dermatitis/eczema has contributed directly to many of the recently developed treatments for this disease, earning us a unique place as one of the leading labs in dermatology and immunology worldwide. We have also shown that Atopic dermatitis is a complex disease with distinct phenotypes based on ethnicity, age and other factors: Atopic dermatitis in Asian and African American patients is different from atopic dermatitis in European American patients, with important therapeutic implications. 

Our Approach

Our lab has developed the only comprehensive molecular maps of AD, defining skin differentiation and immune-circuits characterizing this disease. The lab’s work has established the reversibility of the AD phenotype and defined a series of biomarkers that are now accelerating testing of novel pathway-specific drugs for AD. We are now testing (both clinically and mechanistically) multiple targeted-therapeutics for atopic dermatitis. Our work has also recently extended into studying alopecia areata, in which our findings are also translated to novel therapeutic targets.

Alopecia Center of Excellence at Mount Sinai

“Spotlighting Alopecia” with Dr. Emma Guttman-Yassky

Dr. Emma Guttman was honored on March 14, with the Jacobi Medallion at the 2024 Jacobi Medallion Ceremony at The Plaza Hotel.

This prestigious award honors a member of the Mount Sinai community who, through long-term service (typically 10 years or more), has made exceptional contributions to the fields of clinical medicine or biomedical research, or has exemplified extraordinary dedication to Mount Sinai.