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Dr. Zhang’s Multiscale Network Modeling Laboratory (MNML) is focused on construction and characterization of multiscale biological networks from large-scale genomic, genetic, epigenetic, proteomic and clinical data. The fundamental goal of MNML’s research is to not only identify novel pathways and driver genes for complex human diseases but also build up biologically plausible mechanistic models of diseases for subsequent experimental and clinical validations. MNML has developed and significantly contributed a series of influential gene network inference algorithms that have been extensively used for identification of novel pathways and gene targets, as well as development of drugs for complex human diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, obesity and diabetes. MNML’s earlier research uncovered dramatic changes in gene-gene interaction patterns in Alzheimer’s disease and pinpointed an immune/microglia gene network as the top pathway causally linked to the disease. Dr. Zhang’s recent research developed global novel gene network models for a variety of cancer types such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and gastric cancer. Dr. Zhang’s latest research revealed the landscape of molecular networks and key regulators in Parkinson’s Disease.