Dr. Lawrence Young, MD
Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Cellular & Molecular Physiology
Vice-Chair, Department of Medicine
Yale University

Dr. Brian O’Rourke, PhD
Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Vice-Char of Basic and Translational Research, Department of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Joseph G. Akar, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Academic Director of Electrophysiology
Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory
Director, Complex Ablation Program
Yale University

Dr. Anand Ganesan, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Matthew Flinders Fellow in Electrophysiology
Flinders University, Australia

Dr. James P. Hummel, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Cardiovascular Medicine
University of Wisconsin

Dr. Evangelia (Litsa) Kranias, PhD
Hanna Professor
Distinguished University Research Professor
Director of Cardiovascular Biology
University of Cincinnati

Dr. Yassine Sassi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Cardiovascular Research Center
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai