Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Kotini AG, Chang CJ, Chow A, Yuan H, Ho TC, Wang T, Vora S, Solovyov A, Husser C, Olszewska M, Teruya-Feldstein J, Perumal D, Klimek VM, Spyridonidis A, Rampal RK, Silverman L, Reddy EP, Papaemmanuil E, Parekh S, Greenbaum BD, Leslie CS, Kharas MG, Papapetrou EP. Stage-specific human induced pluripotent stem cells map the progression of myeloid transformation to transplantabe leukemia. Cell Stem Cell 2017;20(3):315-328. Read More

Papapetrou EP. Patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells in cancer research and precision oncology. Nat Med. 2016;22(12):1392-1401. Read More.

Papapetrou EP. Induced pluripotent stem cells, past and future. Science 2016; 353 (6303): 991-992 Read More

Kotini AG, Chang CJ, Boussaad I, Delrow JJ, Dolezal EK, Nagulapally A, Perna F, Fishbein GA, Klimek VM, Hawkins DR, Huangfu D, Murry CE, Graubert T, Nimer SD, Papapetrou EP. Functional analysis of a chromosomal deletion associated with myelodysplastic syndromes using isogenic human induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature Biotechnology 2015;33(6):646-55. Read More

Papapetrou EP, Lee G, Malani N, Setty M, Riviere I, Tirunagari LMS, Kadota K, Roth, SL, Giardina P, Viale A, Leslie C, Bushman FD, Studer L, Sadelain M. Genomic safe harbors permit high beta-goblin transgene expression in thalassemia induced pluripotent stem cells. Nature Biotechnology 2011; 29(1): 73-8. Read More

Papapetrou EP, Sadelain M. Generation of transgene-free human induced pluripotent stem cells with an excisable single polycistronic vector. Nature Protocols 2011; 6(9): 1251-73. Read More

Lee G, Papapetrou EP, Kim H, Chambers S, Tomishima M, Fasano C, Viale A, Tabar, V, Sadelain M, Studer L. Modeling pathogenesis and treatment of familial dysautonomia using patient-specific iPSCs. Nature 2009; 461(7262): 402-6. Read More

Papapetrou EP, Tomishima MJ, Chambers CM, Gruber Y, Reed E, Menon J, Tabar V, Mo Q, Studer L, Sadelain M. Stoichiometric and temporal requirements of Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, and c-Myc expression for efficient human iPSC induction and differentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2009; 106(31): 12759-64. Read More

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