Dr. Susan Zolla-Pazner, Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases describes her experience in the 1980s studying the disease that became known as AIDS as well as her current work on development of an HIV vaccine..

Dr. Zolla-Pazner
chaired a discussion on “The Roles of Neutralizing vs. Effector Antibodies in Protection from HIV Infection” at the October 2017 Cent Gardes Conference on HIV Vaccines (under the auspices of the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise), in Annecy, France.

In this video clip, Dr. Susan Zolla-Pazner appears with Dr. David Ho, Dr. Seth Berkley, and Dr. Nicholas Hellman on PBS’s “Charlie Rose” show on August 7, 2006, discussing newly funded research initiatives to develop an AIDS vaccine. Charlie Rose: Developing an AIDS Vaccine

Dr. Zolla-Pazner discusses “Prospects for an HIV Vaccine” in a video from “HIV/AIDS Research: Its History and Future,” a conference held October 13–16, 2016, at the Genentech Center for the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives. To view Dr. Zolla-Pazner’s portion of the video, advance to 9 min 30 sec; segment ends at 17 min 30 sec.