Welcome to the Wisnivesky Laboratory

The Wisnivesky Laboratory research focuses in the areas of the assessment and improvement of self-management of chronic lung disease, primarily asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and the development of treatment recommendations for lung cancer screening and management using large dataset analyses.  The laboratory has multiple active studies and multiple research staff coordinating the research operations, data collection and data analysis.

Major ongoing efforts include prospective cohort studies assessing the long-term outcomes of COVID-19, as well as observational and intervention studies in asthma and COPD morbidity, including quality of life, symptom perception, disease beliefs, medication adherence, and intersection with chronic comorbidities. We utilize validated survey instruments, lung function tests, biomarker analyses and self-management behavior tracking devices to inform the pilot interventions in these studies with the aim of improving both self-management and outcomes in these populations. Additionally, the laboratory examines outcomes of lung cancer patients with data from national cancer registries and using simulation modeling. The goal in these studies is to develop treatment recommendations and inform the development of guidelines to improve patient outcomes.

Our laboratory collaborates with other research groups within Mount Sinai, in the New York metropolitan area and throughout the United States.