Nadia Tsankova became tenured as a Professor in Pathology! This means free breakfast every lab meeting 🙂


Susana’s abstract was awarded and selected for oral presentation at the Mount Sinai Pathology Research Day. Congrats to Susana!

Balu Pai’s paper “High‑resolution transcriptomics informs glial pathology in human temporal lobe epilepsy” was published in Acta Neuropathologica Communications! We thanks Jessica for initiating this project and our fantastic long-term collaborator Elena Zaslavsky, and Vincy Cheng and German Nudelman in her group, for their continuous help!

Susana Ramos’s work on resolving human fetal gliogenesis through single nucleus transcriptomics is now out in Nature Communications! We thank Elisa and Zarmeen for their great help with this project, and computational collaborator Dr. Alex Tsankov and his group for their help and guidance.

Welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Thenzing Silva!


Anne Marie‘s work on the anti-invasive therapeutic efficacy of the FDA-approved Hippo inhibitor Verteporfin has been published in Neuro-Oncology!

Years of hard work and dedication will hopefully bring us one step closer to offering patients effective treatment for this dismal disease!

What an honor! Zarmeen‘s abstract “Single-nuclei transcriptomics relates glioblastoma infiltration to distinct glial progenitor states” has been selected for oral presentation at this year’s SNO meeting at Boston. Congrats, Zarmeen!

Congratulations to Tanvi Joshi for defending her master’s thesis! Brilliant job!

Congratulations to Tanvi Joshi for being the recipient of the Women in Science Travel Scholarship!

We won the Rubenstein Award for best paper on neuro-oncology presented at the 2021 AANP meeting! Shout out to Zarmeen and her helpers!

Welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Balu (Balagopal) Pai!


Welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Susana Isabel Ramos! Susana bring neurodevelopmental expertise and will be characterizing glial lineage drivers during prenatal human development and the co-option of developmental programs, such as Hippo signaling, in glioblastoma.

Zarmeen’s abstract has been selected for oral presentation and live seminar on single cell omics at the 2020 SNO conference. Congratulations, Zarmeen, on outstanding work!


Congratulations to Dr. Anne Marie Barrette, Ph.D., for her brilliant thesis defense !

The lab was awarded a second R01 from the Brain Initiative to characterize the dynamic chromatin topology, transcription factor binding, and kinetics during human glial neurodevelopment, with single cell resolution!

The lab was awarded R01 funding from the NINDS to study the crosstalk between Hippo and EGFR signaling pathways in GBM!


Anne Marie received Best Oral Presentation award at the Pharmacological Science Retreat!


The lab was awarded two NIH grants to study the role of glial dysfunction in GBM and in Epilepsy.

Dr. Tome-Garcia is the 2017 recipient of the Joseph Schein Fellowship in Experimental/Molecular Pathology. Well deserved, Jessica!


Dr. Tsankova – The 2016 Faculty Idea Prize Winner Award, Mount Sinai Innovations.

Dr. Tsankova – 2016 Friedman Brain Institute Research Scholar Award.


Dr. Tsankova – Howard Hughes Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship, UT Southwestern

Dr. Tsankova – Stembridge Award for Excellence in Pathology, UT Southwestern

Dr. Tsankova – Epigenetics Core Facility Funding Award, Columbia University

Dr. Tsankova – Irving Institute for Clinical/Translational Research Award, Columbia University