Translational Neuroeconomics

Sweis Lab

Welcome to the Sweis Lab for Translational Neuroeconomics!

Our research focuses on how the brain makes complex decisions and how the biological and psychological mechanisms conserved across evolution driving these processes may underlie neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Our approach primarily focuses on modeling aspects of decision-making information processing in complex behaviors by applying principles of neuroeconomics to rodent paradigms translated across species from mice and rats to monkeys and humans. We take a refined approach to behavioral neuroscience in combination with cutting-edge neuroscience tools in order to capture how the brain represents and drives the choices we make.

The lab website is currently under construction. Please email with any questions or if you have interest in joining!


The Sweis Lab is recruiting scientists at all levels. This includes lab technicians, lab managers, post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduates. If interested in joining, please email us a cover letter, CV, and list of references.

For a list of recent publications, see the link below.

Translational Neuroeconomcis

Our lab and collaborators developed a set of naturalistic, unconstrained decision-making tasks for use across species from mice and rats to monkeys and humans, matched for the relevant ethology of each species and adapted for use in a variety of settings. See this video demo for a walkthrough of the various tasks and sort of neuroeconomic choice data we work with, translated across species.

Interested in Neuroeconomics?

Neuroeconomics is an emerging field of decision science focused in part on understanding how the brain represents value in the way we see the world and how the physical limits of the brain constrain the way in which we make choices. Our team is focused on leveraging this approach in order to make new breakthrough discoveries in understanding brain function, both in health and disease.