Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration

In 2016 it is clear that both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes ultimately result from inadequate numbers of pancreatic beta cells, the cells that sense glucose and secrete insulin.  Therefore permanent cure of diabetes requires therapeutic approaches that regenerate, expand, or create de novo new human pancreatic beta cells.  The DOMI has a strong focus on discovering approaches to induction of human cadaveric pancreatic beta cell proliferation and expansion, supported by parallel studies in mouse genetic models.  The DOMI islet group was the first to demonstrate, in contrast to conventional wisdom, that human cadaveric beta cells can be induced to replicate, both in vitro and in vivo.  More recently, we have identified a drug that is able to drive human beta cells to replicate.  Designing approaches to effectuate this in humans in a safe and effective manner is one principal goal of the DOMI.

Genetics, Genomics, miRNAs, Epigenetics and Bioinformatics

In 2016, understanding of the causes or both Types 1 and 2 diabetes remain elusive.  The DOMI has strong ties with the Icahn Institute of Genomics and Multiscale Biology, directed by Eric Schadt.  The two institutes are jointly approaching the challenges of unraveling the genetic and genomic causes of, and approaches to treatment of, all types of diabetes.  In addition, the Charles R. Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine has particular interest in the genetics and genomics of diabetic renal complications and the genome-wide associations of obesity.  In parallel, the Immunology Institute has expertise and interest in microRNA control of Type 1 Diabetes-associated immunopatholobiology.

Monoclonal Antibody Core

Mount Sinai has an excellent High Throughput Monoclonal Antibody Development program directed by Thomas Moran, with several active collaborative projects with DOMI members.

Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Core

As noted above, the Immunology Institute at Mount Sinai is exceptional.  It contains a Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core which is used my multiple DOMI members