Welcome to the Stewart Laboratory

Dr. Andrew Stewart is the Scientific Director of the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Institute (DOMI). He an authority on human insulin-producing pancreatic beta cell replication and regeneration for people with diabetes.  His research focuses on understanding and developing novel therapies for inducing human beta cell regeneration, from gene therapy to small molecule drug discovery.  His group was the first to demonstrate that growth factors could drive beta cell replication in vivo in mammals, and also improve glucose control in living animals.  His group was also the first to carefully define cell cycle control in the rodent and human beta cell. They were also the first to report that small molecule drugs that inhibit the enzyme DYRK1A are able to induce human beta cells to replicate, and to reverse diabetes in vivo in mice transplanted with human beta cells.  He is actively involved in developing next-generation DYRK1A inhibitors for human diabetes, and understanding why human beta cells are so refractory to replication. His work has been continually supported by the NIH/NIDDK and the JDRF. Read more.