Lab News

04-26-22 First Online publication in Cancer Research of the manuscript entitled: NR2F1 is a barrier to dissemination of early stage breast cancer cells. DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-21-4145


07-15-21 Welcome to the lab Thomas Eldho, from Oceanside High School. He will be doing a summer rotation.


07-15-21-Thrilled to be selected as one of the inaugural Exceptional Scholars from the Institute for Health Equity Research (IHER) at Mount Sinai.


03-15-21-Happy to share that our Breast Cancer Alliance proposal got funded! This project aims to elucidate the dormancy mechanisms of breast DTCs.


12-15-20-Happy to receive a DPS pilot grant in collaboration with Dr. Jin to identify new compounds that will prevent DTC reactivation.


11-26-19-Welcome to the lab Alcina Rodrigues! She will be the new lab manager. She will also work on the MRF project.


10-01-19- Happy to receive a MRF grant! In this project we will study new therapeutic strategies to prevent DTCs reactivation.


08-01-19- Welcome to the lab Carolina Rodriguez-Tirado! She joins us from Chile and she will be doing her postdoctoral training on early dissemination project.


03-01-19-Welcome to the lab Claudia Scopelliti! She is a Ph.D. student from Italy. She will be working on DTC heterogeneity.


02-07-19- Welcome Luna to this world! The most happy day of my life!


09-08-18- Welcome to the lab Manuradhi Perera. She will be doing her Ph.D. rotation this Fall. Welcome!


08-05-18- Thrilled about being the Keynote speaker at the MRS Young Investigator Satellite meeting, Princeton, NJ.


07-05-18-Welcome to the lab Nina Silverstein, summer student. Welcome!


01-01-2018- Susan Komen 3-Day event.


12-11-17- Happy to receive a John Shevell Young Scientist Travel Scholarship from Susan G. Komen Foundation.


11-30-17- Welcome to the lab Nitisha Shrivastava. She will be doing her postdoc training with us. Welcome!


9-5-17- Welcome to the lab Mary Duffy. She will be doing her Ph.D. rotation this Fall. Welcome!


8-01-17- Happy to receive a CCR Basic/Translational and Clinical Grant-Susan Komen grant to study breast disseminated cancer cells.


7-5-17- Welcome to the lab to Caitlin Wong, summer student. She is senior student from Hendrick Hudson high school, Westchester. Welcome!


6-22-17- Happy to receive a pilot funding from SAGE Bionetworks! We formed a nice interdisciplinary team to develop a project on functional studies of DCCs. Congrats to the team!


-6-22-17 Welcome to the lab to Nupura Kale, the new research technician. Welcome!


-5-12-17 Welcome to Maria Jose Carlini. The first member of the lab. She joins us from Argentina as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!


– 5-3-17- Happy to receive a Schneider-Lesser Foundation Fellow Award!


-4-1-17- Happy to receive an AACR MIRC Travel Award. AACR Annual Meeting 2017, Washington, DC.