Welcome to the Sia Laboratory

Biliary tract cancers (BTCs) represent a heterogeneous group of epithelial malignancies with distinct incidence rates, risk factors, clinical management and molecular profile. BTCs include both cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder cancer. According to its anatomic location, cholangiocarcinoma can be classified as intrahepatic (30%) and extrahepatic. The latter can be further divided into perihilar cholangiocarcinoma  (50%) and distal cholangiocarcinoma (20%). Outcomes for cholangiocarcinoma and gallbladder cancer remain dismal and novel therapeutic strategies are required, particularly at advanced stages. Over the past few years, we have significantly contributed to elucidate the molecular pathogenesis of this group of malignancies through the generation of the first multi-omics classifications of intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and the identification of a targetable FGFR2 fusion protein in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Specific FGFR inhibitors are currently being investigated in a biomarker-driven phase 3 clinical trial. The long-term goal of our lab is to generate a deeper knowledge of the molecular mechanisms driving the onset and growth of BTCs and apply this knowledge towards the development of effective therapies. Read more.