Current Openings

Research Positions in Exosomes and Epitranscriptome Research Lab at Mount Sinai, New York

One Postdoctoral Research Scientist and one Research Associate positions funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are available immediately in the “Exosomes and Epitranscriptome Laboratory” of Dr. Susmita Sahoo, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY.


Research in Sahoo Lab:

Dr. Sahoo’s laboratory conducts research in the field of genomic medicine, cardiac regeneration, gene therapy and heart failure to investigate molecular signaling, pathophysiologies and therapeutics. Current projects involve pre-clinical, translational and basic science research, primarily in two major areas: 1) Exosomes: biological nanovesicles secreted by cells that transfers noncoding RNAs to mediates local and distant microcommunication between cells, tissues and organs. 2) Epitranscriptome: (m6A)- the dynamic and selectively localized caps on cellular RNA in cardiac remodeling and regeneration. Her laboratory uses state-of-the-art tools and techniques in molecular biology such as methylated (m6A) RNA immunoprecipitation sequencing (MeRIP-seq), RNA-binding proteins (RBP) and immunoprecipitation (RIP-seq), bioinformatics analyses, imaging flow cytometry (imagestream), electron, super-resolution and confocal microscopy, virus-based gene deliveries, microfluidics-based isolation of exosomes, stable-isotope-labeling mass spectrometry (SILAC), mass-spectrometry, in vitro and in vivo imaging, live imaging and small (rats and mice) and large animal (pig) models to address scientific questions in an innovative way.


Job Summary:

The Postdoctoral Research Fellows will lead a research project in one of the funded areas described above. The Research Associate (RA) will conduct research and provide laboratory operations support of all research activities in the laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Sahoo. The positions may involve processing human, swine and rodent tissue specimens, maintaining an up to date database, contributing to several laboratory activities and working with other members of the team to guide and provide necessary support as needed. The responsibilities also include maintaining laboratory protocols, safety compliance, grant writing, training new employees, and overall laboratory management.



For the Postdoc Positions: Preferences would be given to candidates experienced with (1) RNA biology, epigenetics and bioinformatics or (2) mouse models, surgeries, viruses, bioengineering and nanotechnology and (3) with good publication records. We are looking for independent, self-motivated individuals with excellent verbal and written communication skills with a PhD or MD/PhD in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology. The appointment will include a competitive salary and benefits (including Mount Sinai discounted housing for postdocs in NYC), a dynamic multi-disciplinary research environment with access to the Institute’s state-of-the-art facilities that includes in vitro and in vivo imaging, flow cytometry and small and large animal surgical laboratories.

For the RA position: The candidate should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree (preferred) with 2 years research experience in a laboratory setting in molecular biology, cell culture and animal handling.

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Interested individuals should send their curriculum vitae containing a summary of past accomplishments, a statement of future objectives and professional references by e-mail to or to


About Us: The Cardiovascular Research Institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is an interdisciplinary research center focused on both basic and translational research. Particular strengths exist in genomics medicine, Systems physiology, gene therapy, stem cell research, tissue regeneration, exosomes biology and electrophysiology.