Ongoing Research Support

5R61HL143317-02 (Finkelstein)          9/20/2018-8/31/2020

NIH/NHLBI Comprehensive Health Informatics Engagement Framework for Pulmonary Rehab

R01-CA163772 – 04/01/15-03/31/18
Lung adenocarcinoma invasion genomics
The goal of this study is to develop biomarkers that will stratify risk before or after resection of tumors that are homogenous radiographically or histologically, respectively.
Primary Investigator: Charles Powell, MD
Co-Investigator: Hideo Watanabe, MD

U01-CA196406  – 09/24/15-08/31/16
Cellular, molecular and quantitative imaging analysis of screening-detected lung adenocarcinoma 
Co-Investigator: Charles Powell, MD