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On October 11, 2019, About Our Kids hosts, Lori Evans, PhD (center) and Jess Shatkin, MD, MPH (r)  spoke with our Dr. Iliyan Ivanov, who is a child and adolescent addiction specialist & child psychiatrist, about treatments, interventions and how to talk to your kids.

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Far Left: Dr. Newcorn was honored for his lifetime of mentorship

Center: Dr. Ivanov was presented the Hulse Award for his dedication to the field

Above: Dr. Ivanov and Dr. Newcorn have both been named among NYC’s best psychiatrists for many years

Dr. Newcorn’s newest textbook contribution to the ADHD literature was published in China

Dr. Krone’s newest textbook contribution to the ADHD literature discusses what we have learned about the cognitive effects of ADHD among adults

Drs. Krone, Ivanov, and Newcorn wrote the book on Aggression in ADHD

 Dr. Newcorn presents his research on the   state of ADHD treatment from a global   perspective.

Above: Dr. Ivanov discusses the effects of early exposure to cannabis on the developing brain

To the Right: Dr. Krone discusses ways of bridging the gaps between the abilities and the measured achievement of children with ADHD


To the Right: Dr. Ivanov presents the team’s findings on substance abuse risk factors among youth with ADHD

Above: Dr. Schulz presents the team’s findings on the biological mechanisms associated with ADHD symptom improvement in adults taking fish oil supplements


Far Left: Dr. Krone and her trainees participate in community mental health events to promote awareness and reduce stigma around seeking help

Center: Dr. Krone is a Make-A-Wish volunteer. Here, Dr. Ivanov and the pediatricians of Mount Sinai Brooklyn Heights attended the annual Gala to support the cause