Welcome to the Migliaccio Laboratory

The Migliaccio Laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Anna R. Migliaccio, is involved in two major areas of research.

1.) Pathobiology of Primary myelofibrosis
Our laboratory discovered that the hypomorphic Gata1low mutation by impairing megakaryocytic development induces myelofibrosis in mice. This animal model was the basis for a scientific project included in a Program Project on myeloproliferative disorders funded by the National Cancer Institute.

2.) Translational Research in Transfusion medicine
Our laboratory applies knowledge on the biology of human erythroid cells to identify drugs that may treat Sickle Cell Anemia and/or Thalassemia and to develop processes to produce red cell transfusion products ex-vivo. The first project is currently funded by a carrier development award from New York state.