Senescent cells

Amaia Lujambio´s research group studies mechanisms of liver cancer initiation and liver cancer maintenance. In particular, we are interested in how genetic alterations in cancer cells contribute to tumorigenesis, alter treatment response, and create vulnerabilities that may be targeted therapeutically. Furthermore, we are also interested in understanding the role of cellular senescence in liver cancer initiation and aging. Our research interests involve the establishment of in vitro and in vivo systems for the study of liver cancer, as well as the rational use of shRNA and CRISPR libraries to identify drug targets for the disease. We utilize sophisticated mouse models of cancer, RNAi and CRISPR technology, valuable human cancer samples, and genetic, and epigenetic, and immune profiling as key tools. The ultimate goal is to improve our understanding of aging and liver cancer, and to identify novel strategies that can be exploited therapeutically to improve health span and longevity.

We are part of the Department of Oncological Sciences at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Tisch Cancer Institute, the Precision Immunology Institute, and affiliated with the Liver Cancer Program.