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Note: Apart from the research efforts detailed above Terry Krulwich has been engaged in outreach efforts to enhance diversity in academic science and elsewhere; currently specific efforts include Program Directorship of Mount Sinai PREP (Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program; which is sponsored by NIGMS and in its 15th year). Several publications related to diversity efforts are cited below.

Butts, G.C., Y. Hurd, A.G. Palermo, A.G., D. Delbrune, S. Saran, C. Zony, and T.A. Krulwich. 2012. Role of institutional climate in fostering diversity in biomedical research workforce: a case study. Mt. Sinai J. Med. 79:498-511.

McGee, R., Jr., Saran, S., and T.A. Krulwich. 2012. Diversity in the biomedical research workforce: developing talent. Mt. Sinai J. Med. 79: 397-411.