Thank you for visiting us! We are a young, dynamic, collaborative and ambitious research group in computational systems biology and genomics.

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Zeynep H. Gümüş, Ph.D.
1 Gustave L Levy Place
Box 1498
New York, NY 10029-6574


We develop and apply computational methods and tools used in cooperative team efforts to define and implement genomics-based precision medicine approaches. Our research is based on the idea that in order to ultimately understand the underlying biomolecular mechanisms in disease and therapy, we need to find new routes to generate, analyze and integrate diverse data while fully utilizing the benefits of high-throughput (HT) technologies. Our team is composed of scientists with different computational strengths and expertises but we all use ultrafast computing to address this need.

Our research has three complementary components. The first is centered around the development of novel HT data visualization and analysis techniques. Check out our immersive 3D network visualization software iCAVE if you have not already done so. The second component focuses on identifying data patterns predictive of disease (such as biomarkers) and the identification of protein targets for drug therapy. It involves integrating diverse massive datasets and machine learning, as well as in silico modeling. The third component aims to uncover the mechanistic underpinnings of disease or therapy response by utilizing the methods we and others are developing. Specifically, we focus on identifying germline mutations that predispose individuals to cancer or neurological diseases.

Our current laboratory focus is on cancers of the lung, colon, pancreas and the ovaries.

The cumulative goal of these components is to identify drivers of pathogenesis and drug targets for precision medicine. For this purpose, we collaborate with translational, basic and computational research laboratories.

Link to our new lab website can be found here.