Grant Funding

Chronic Illness Self-Management In Older Adults

A Randomized Trial of Perception of Airflow Limitation Training to Improve Outcomes for Older Adults with Asthma
NHLBI/NIH (pending)
MPI(s): Wisnivesky/Federman/Feldman

A randomized controlled trial to test the efficacy of an intervention to improve asthma self-care among older adults by training patients to recognize airway obstruction when they have it.

Comprehensive Patient-centered Home-based Care Coaching for COPD Self-management
NHLBI/NIH (pending)
MPI(s): Federman/Wisnivesky

This project is a randomized controlled trial of a self-management support intervention for low income, minoritized adults with COPD that involves comprehensive screening for and targeted management of barriers to COPD control combined with home-based pulmonary rehabilitation and pre-emptive medication prescribing for COPD exacerbations.

Home-based Primary Care for Homebound Seniors: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Funded by NIA/NIH – R01AG052557
PI: Federman

This randomized controlled trial is evaluating the impact of home-based primary care on outcomes for homebound older adults, including hospitalization and emergency department visits, quality of life and symptom control, costs of care, and burden of care for caregivers.

Research Training for the Care of Older Adults in Vulnerable Populations
Funded by NIA – T32AG066598
PI: Federman

This post-doctoral research training grant supports the development of new investigators from diverse training backgrounds whose focus is disparities in health care and health outcomes for older adults with cognitive impairment or dementia.

PREVAIL: PRagmatic EVAluation of a quality Improvement program for people Living with modifiable high-risk COPD
Funded by DARTNet Institute – Astrazeneca / Observational and Pragmatic Research International
MPI(s): Wisnivesky/Federman

This project examines the efficacy of a COPD management intervention on outcomes for people with moderate or severe COPD.

Cognitive Impairment Screening in Primary Care

Natural Language Processing and Automated Speech Analysis to Identify Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment
Funded by NIA/NIH – R01AG066471
MPI(s): Federman/Wisnivesky

This project is using electronic health record data and audio recordings of patient-doctor encounters to develop machine learning algorithms to identify patients with cognitive impairment.

Natural Language Processing and Automated Speech Analysis to Identify Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment (Supplement)
Funded by NIA/NIH – R01AG066471 S1
MPI(s): Federman/Arias

This supplement to R01AG066471 is examining potential ethical issues in the use of artificial intelligence for automated cognitive impairment screening through focus groups with patients and clinicians.

Health Literacy and Cognitive Function among Middle-Aged Adults: The MidCog Study
Funded by NIA/NIH -R01AG070212
MPI(s): Wolf/Federman

This longitudinal cohort study is examining the associations of cognitive function and health literacy with self-management of chronic illness among middle aged adults.

Primary Care-Based Treatment of Persons with Post-acute Sequelae of COVID-19

Primary Care-integrated Long COVID Care to Improve Outcomes for Minoritized Adults in New York City
Funded by AHRQ – U18HS029945
MPI(s): Wisnivesky/Federman/Chen

This project is establishing a clinical program for the evaluation and treatment of persons with Long COVID within a primary care practice and is extending access to Long COVID care to low-income and minoritized populations through community outreach in partnership with several community-based service providers.

Long-Term Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Self-Management of Chronic Conditions: The C3 Study
Funded by NIA/NIH – R01AG075043-01
MPI(s): Wolf/Federman

This study is evaluating the long term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on health and chronic illness self-care behaviors of older adults in New York City and Chicago.

RECOVER-NEURO: NHLBI RECOVER Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center Initiative
Funded by NHLBI/NIH – OT2HL156812
MPI(s): Charvet/Federman/Knopman/Koltai/Laskowitz/Wisnivesky

This multi-center, multi-arm, randomized controlled trial is evaluating different treatments for cognitive impairment among persons with Long COVID.