Navneet Dogra, PhD

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences & Department of Pathology, Molecular and Cell-Based Medicine


Prior to Mount Sinai, he led research efforts at IBM research and Yale University to drive translational research in “liquid biopsy in cancer” and “drug delivery” by bridging together clinical and experimental oncology and develop novel tools for biosensing of genetic markers.

Dr. Dogra has recently filed for two US patents relating to “exosomes nanoparticles assisted drug delivery” and “tumor heterogeneity”. He has published in a diverse array of journals including Cell (research featured on the cover), Lab-on-a-chip, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (cover feature), ACS Bioconjugate Chemistry, Langmuir (cover feature), and Scientific Reports.





Edgar E. Gonzalez-Kozlova , PhD

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Department of Oncological Sciences



Dr. Kozlova excels at Multi-OMICs and structural biology data modeling and analysis. He got his degree in Biological Sciences (UNMSM-Peru) and then his Ph.D in Bioinformatics (UFMG-Brazil). His strongholds are immunology of chronic and infectious diseases. Dr. Kozlova shares Dr. Dogra’s excitement for extracellular vesicles as critical players in cellular communication and vehicles for future therapies. He is currently working in liquid biopsies and personalized medicine.




Tina (Tzu-Yi) Chen, PhD

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW | Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences



Tina completed her Ph.D. degree in Clinical Research at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research involves projects focusing on the emerging field of genomic analysis that utilizes exosomes and extracellular vesicles and their prospects in liquid biopsy diagnostics.





Rebecca Miceli, PhD

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW | Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences


Prior to joining the Dogra Lab as a postdoctoral fellow, Becca completed her B.A. in biochemistry at Wheaton College (MA), and her Ph.D. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in chemistry & biological chemistry. Her doctoral studies were focused on identifying molecularly engineered biosurfactants with increased efficacy and selectivity against breast cancer. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Becca studied organic synthesis and 2D/3D cell culture techniques to complete her research. Becca is excited to expand her skillset through the addition of genomic analysis to expand on the uses of extracellular vesicles in liquid biopsy and personalized medicine development. Outside of the lab, Becca enjoys running, hiking, and tiring out her high-energy puppy.





Taliah Soleymani



Taliah is currently a sophomore at Yeshiva University pursuing a degree in Neuroscience on the Pre-Med track. In the past, she has worked under Dr. Sonia Kupfer at the University of Chicago where she researched the influence of aspirin on colorectal cancer organoids. Additionally, she spent time in Dr. Einav Gross’s lab at Hebrew University where she studied oxidative stress in C. Elegans.

She is fascinated by the various applications of exosomal research-such as liquid biopsies and drug delivery.