Welcome to The Chu Lab

The Chu Lab investigates how sugar metabolism pathways work together to sustain rapid cell growth in liver development and disease. The lab capitalizes on the strength of zebrafish and rodent models, along with transcriptomics and proteomics, as tools to investigate metabolic mechanisms of hepatic stellate cell activation and test potential therapies to dampen the fibrogenic response. Our group’s long-term goal is to utilize collaborative science and integrate basic and clinical research towards improving our understanding of the mechanisms underlying pediatric liver disease and to apply this knowledge towards the development of much-needed therapeutic options for children with liver disease. Our research has been awarded the Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Liver Disease Award, AASLD Foundation Bridge Award, and R01 funding from the NIH/NIDDK.

Dr. Chu’s clinical research includes participation as site PI and co-Investigator in NIH-funded consortia including in Pediatric Acute Liver Failure, and other Industry-sponsored pediatric drug trials for genetic cholestatic liver disease, biliary atresia, and viral hepatitis. Dr. Chu serves on NIDDK and NCATS Study Sections and is currently serving as a member of the AASLD Task Force on COVID-19.