Grossman Project

From economist and philanthropist Dr. Sanford J. Grossman’s generous donations, the Mount Sinai Hospital plans to establish the Sanford J. Grossman Center for Integrative Studies in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. The Center will create personalized medicine for treatment of Crohn’s Disease and aim to both understand and predict disease progression.

A multidisciplinary group of physicians and investigators at Mount Sinai will work together in determining the fundamental mechanisms of intestinal inflammation and cellular differentiation, hypertrophy leading to formation of strictures in Crohn’s Disease, more precise pathologic and radiologic evaluation, improved tissue banking systems, genetic and cellular analyses, and the integration of basic science and clinical discoveries.



Asher Kornbluth, M.D.
Gastroenterology, IBD

Bachir Taouli, M.D.
Radiology/Body MRI

Bruce Sands, M.D., M.S.
Gastroenterology, IBD

Elizabeth Spencer
Pediatric Gastroenterology

Jean-Frederic Colombel, M.D.
Gastroenterology, IBD

Joana Torres, M.D.
Gastroenterology, IBD

Judy Cho, M.D.
Genetics/Gastroenterology, IBD

Mabel Ko, M.D.
Pathology, IBD

Marla Dubinsky, M.D.
Pediatric Gastroenterology, IBD

 Noam Harpaz, M.D.
Pathology, IBD

Ryan Ungaro

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