Welcome to the Cardozo Lab

Our lab is a component of the National Center for the Medical Consequences of Spinal Cord Injury and is located on the 3rd floor of the Research Building at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center. A major portion of our work is discovering novel treatments to protect the function and performance of skeletal muscle after paralysis from a spinal cord injury. Other major projects currently being investigated in our lab are:

  • Uncovering the roles of Numb and Numblike in muscle tissue using a transgenic mouse model we developed
  • The effect of synaptojanin1 on functional recovery following spinal cord injury
  • Post-spinal cord injury outcomes associated with alleles for ApoE4 as compared to ApoE3
  • Understanding the effects of connexin hemichannels and elevated intracellular calcium on mitochondrial function and muscle health after paralysis
  • The role of NOX4 on ryanodine receptor dysfunction in skeletal muscle after spinal cord injury
  • The effect of age on muscle function after spinal cord injury
  • The aging response of skeletal muscle to surgery
  • How high-fat diet affects recovery following spinal cord injury
  • Changes in the metabolomic profile of skeletal muscle after spinal cord injury

The Cardozo Lab extensively collaborates with investigators around the country and world. Those interested in potential collaborations should contact Christopher Cardozo. Additionally, those interested in a position in the Cardozo Lab are encouraged to check if there are open positions using the menu tab above or to reach out to Christopher Cardozo.