Reserve: Early MS Cohort Study

The Reserve Project is an NIH-funded prospective study of risk and protective factors related to disease and disability progression in persons with early relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS), with a focus on cognitive functioning (R01 HD082176, PI: Sumowski). One principal goal is to identify modifiable protective factors that can help persons with MS preserve function and quality of life. This large project is made possible by the time and effort of many talented and committed collaborators in the Corinne G. Dickinson Center for MS at Mount Sinai, as well as the MS Center and Division of Cognitive Neuroscience at Columbia University Medical Center.

Some of the initial results from baseline data collection were presented at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 2018 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA this past April. The following abstracts were presented:

Platform Presentations:

Title: Word Finding Deficits in Early Multiple Sclerosis: A Behavioral and Neuroimaging Investigation 
Authors: Brandstadter, Fabian, Krieger, Leavitt, Lewis, Pelle, Sumowski

Title: Link between vascular risk factors and grey matter cortical thickness in early MS and the moderating influence of sex 
Authors: Katz Sand, Fabian, Leavitt, Casaccia, Sumowski

Poster & Short Platform Presentation:

Title: Multitasking is the Cognitive Ability Most Linked to Depression in Multiple Sclerosis 
Authors: Kurz, Fabian, Pelle, Lewis, Lublin, Miller, Sumowski

Poster Presentations:

Title:  Improved Clinical Detection of Cerebellar Lesions in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Authors:  Ayeni, Krieger, Brandstadter, Harel, Petracca, Lewis, Lublin, Miller, Pelle, Pepe, Inglese, Sumowski

Title: Longer Sleep Duration is linked to Preserved Cortical Gray Matter Volume in Early MS 
Authors: Fabian, Katz Sand, Leavitt, Petracca, Inglese, Sumowski

Title: Neuroanatomical Correlates of Latent Variables Speed and Memory in Early Multiple Sclerosis 
Authors: George, Habeck, Lewis, Pelle, Leavitt, Sumowski.

Title: Psychological Resilience is linked to Lower Disability in Early Multiple Sclerosis 
Authors: Klineova, Fabian, Pelle, Lewis, Sumowski

Title: Multitasking in Early Multiple Sclerosis 
Authors:  Lewis, Pelle, Krieger, Leavitt, Sumowski

TitleFatigue in early multiple sclerosis and the role of the caudate nucleus 
Authors: Ntranos, Krieger, Fabian, Leavitt, Lewis, Pelle, Mendili, Droby, M. Inglese, J. Sumowski

Title: Effects of Childhood Socioeconomic Status on Neuroimaging and Functional Outcomes in Patients with MS
Authors: Yeshokumar, Fabian, Leavitt, Lewis, Pelle, El Mendili, Droby, Inglese, Sumowski