Clinical Trials

Assessing Inflammatory and Behavioral Pathways Linking PTSD to Increased Asthma Morbidity in WTC Workers

Funded by NIOSH/CDC (grant number U01OH011312) 9/1/16-8/31/21

PI(s): Wisnivesky

Major Goals: Asthma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are the most common conditions in World Trade Center (WTC) rescue and recovery workers. In this study, we will evaluate the interplay of biological and behavioral mechanisms explaining the relationship of PTSD with increase asthma morbidity and adapt and pilot test a novel intervention to improve outcomes of WTC workers.

Symptom perception, behavior, and outcomes in older asthmatics

Funded by NHLBI (grant number R01HL131418) 5/1/16-4/30/22

PI(s): Wisnivesky/Federman/Feldman

Major Goals: The objective of the study is to examine, among older adults, the influence of symptom perception on asthma self-management behaviors (SMB) and morbidity, and the impact of cognition on symptom perception. Additionally, it will provide actionable data for new interventions to improve self-management.

Comprehensive Home-based Self-management Support for COPD Patients

Funded by NHLBI (grant number R34HL143747) 6/15/19-4/30/22

PI(s): Federman/Wisnivesky/Wolf

Major Goals: We will adapt and expand an eective model of asthma self-management support for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In this new model, community health workers will comprehensively screen for and address barriers to effective COPD self-management, including maladaptive coping behaviors, and guide patients through home-based pulmonary rehabilitation.

Childhood Asthma in Urban Settings

Funded by University of Wisconsin – Madison/NIH (grant number U01AI160082) 4/15/21-3/31/28

PI(s): Busse/Bunyavanich/Wisnivesky

Major Goals: Our objective is to demonstrate that the Mount Sinai Health Care System is well-positioned and prepared to create a NIAID Childhood Asthma in Urban Settings Clinical Research Network Center (CAUSE-CRC). We are proposing two Center-studies, which address how the co-morbidities of atopic dermatitis (Project 1) and obesity (Project 2) worsen asthma control in an urban pediatric population, findings of which will guide interventions to improve their outcomes.