Occupational Health and Safety Questionnaire “Renew Button” Introduced

As you are aware, for all personnel having direct or indirect exposure to laboratory animals, the Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals IVA.1f requires Institutions involved in biomedical research to have an Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP) aimed at protecting the health of personnel who have direct or indirect exposure to laboratory animals. The Occupational Health and Safety Questionnaire that exists online via Sinai Central must be completed annually.

In an effort to facilitate annual renewals, a “Renew Button” has been introduced. The renew button will allow all members of the research team to:

  1. Submit the form ‘B’ to the Employee Health Service (EHS) annually for review
  2. ‘Renew’ option will be available for the life of the protocol (until final report is submitted).

As a reminder, non-compliance in the timely filing of the OHSQ could delay the approval of IACUC Applications.

If you have any questions regarding the Occupational Health and Safety program or the Questionnaire please contact the Employee Health Service (212-824-7014), the Biosafety Officer (212-241 -5169) or the IACUC Office at 212-241-0153.

Topaz Elements Training Opportunities

The Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery (CCMS) is preparing to transition the TOPAZ Granite, software which manages the animal facility enterprise (i.e. animal orders, census, billing, etc.), to Topaz Elements.  This updated software is web based and will continue to support the Web Animal Orders application through Sinai Central.

In addition to online animal ordering, this new product will offer the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai investigators the ability to view current census, accrued invoices, and other relevant information related to their vivarium supported research aims.

In order to adequately prepare our existing researchers for this transition, CCMS is excited to offer the below training opportunities.

Three hands on training sessions will be provided for each building (Annenberg, Icahn and Hess) over a three-week period.  All the training sessions will take place in the Levy Library classrooms.  The training sessions, date, time and room numbers are as follows:

Date Time Building
Levy Library Room
Tuesday, 3/13 2-4pm Annenberg 11-41
Wednesday, 3/14 2-4pm Icahn 11-41
Thursday, 3/15 2-4pm HESS 11-41
Tuesday, 3/20 2-4pm Annenberg 11-41
Wednesday, 3/21 2-4pm Icahn 10-74
Friday, 3/23 2-4pm HESS 11-41
Tuesday, 3/27 2-4pm Annenberg 10-74
Wednesday, 3/28 2-4pm Icahn 10-74
Thursday, 3/29 2-4pm HESS 11-41

Please select one of the above training sessions you plan to attend and RSVP by emailing Veronica Moses at veronica.moses@mssm.edu on or before Friday, March 9, 2018. As the training sessions will take place in a classroom setting, we will only be able to accommodate up to 20 people per session.  As a result, we will schedule you based upon the order in which you RSVP.

If you cannot attend any of the above sessions, a link to a Topaz Elements training video will be available on CCMS’ website (http://icahn.mssm.edu/research/ccms) after the go live date (to be announced).

If you have any questions, please feel free contact Veronica Moses or the CCMS business office at 212-241-3008.

IACUC Full Board Protocol Submission Deadlines Posted for 2018 Meetings

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) meets every two weeks to review protocols requiring Full Board Review (FBR) and have now posted their new schedule of full board protocol submission deadlines (click here to access). For review at a FBR meeting, researchers must submit their applications by the submission deadline. If a submission deadline should occur on a weekend or holiday, applications will be accepted the next business day. The IACUC reserves the right to move a protocol to the next meeting within the same month where required.

For more information about the MSHS IACUC and IACUC applications, researchers can visit the IACUC website. Please contact IACUC@mssm.edu, if you have any questions.